Harry Strikes Again is existing of 4 former members of the previous Handsome harry Company . They played on many big festivals all over Europe, including the North Sea jazz festival twice and festivals in Germany, Austria, France, Slovenia and Italy. Lead singer Peer, saxophonist Wout Wantenaar and Lucas Asselbergs (pianist/accordion) played in this group. Harry Strikes Again consists of 4 original Handsome Harry Company members (including guitar phenomenon Guido Eymann, he is the most virtuoso musician of the band!) completed by drummer Jay Jay Vos and double bass player Marco van Os.

Handsome harry Company stopped in 2008 after a thousand concerts during 17 years and 7 CD productions. So far, they didn’t comply with any request to perform again as handsome Harry Company, but in 2012 they were so delighted by several invitations they made a special plan to come up with a nice serving of Jump and Jive favorites, played by the core of the old HHC. Harry Strikes Again played for a year together with a slightly different repertoire and under different names. As Harry Strikes Again they will present many of the old Jump and Jive swinging tunes, giving lead-singer Peer de Graaf lots of room to perform and improvise. It will be a very lively, happy show, we guarantee you. In the Netherlands they play also Lindy Hop parties where people dance for several hours without a break on our swinging tunes.

Whereas The Handsome Harry Company was a modernized variety of the old Jump ‘n Jive outfits like Louis Jordan’s Timpany Five, Buddy Johnson, Nat King Cole, Slim & Slam, The Treniers and the Lucky Millender orchestra, with (at the end of their 17 year existence) only own(original) repertoire Harry Strikes Again is more close to the original jump repertoire.

In the Netherlands we have quite some festivals in the summer and jazz-club concerts that are frequented in the winter. Jazz in the Netherlands is very popular, especially among young people. Jump and Jive, as old as it is, can count on a very young and enthusiastic audience. Check the first tunes of our show and you will hear and be convinced that happy music still exists!


Harry Strikes Again - Bokito     

Harry Strikes Again - Good Thing     

Harry Strikes Again - Jamaica     


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