They are no representatives of a religion, their mission is purely musically! So there is no real reverend Toney with a mission, but just a band with this strange name.
Translated from Dutch this name is directly related to the Hammond A 100 which is played by Leon Kuijpers.

Their music goes back to the late fifties and sixties, where jazz and easy listening, pop and R&B finally started to mix and was played by musicians like Jimmy Smith and the Peddlers.

The sound of Las Vegas Nightclubs is what the band adapts with the unique growl of an old Hammond-organ as the main ingredient for a steamy sound.

The CD is surprising, funky, grooving, pretty hot and modern at the same time. Get impressed by the mixture of velvet Hammond, grunting bass, swinging drums and the cracky voice of the reverend himself!

Line Up:

Leon Kuijpers: plays the Hammond Organ and engineers, produces, arranges and composes. Leon is regarded to be one of the finest Hammond players of the European Continent.

Hans Lafaille: plays the drums and played with Van Morrison, John Mayall, Chris Farlowe, Herman Brood and Cuby & the Blizzards.

Joel Groenewold: plays the bass and is the junior of the band. Joel also makes tasty arrangements and used to play with Dutch singers Jasperina de Jong and Milly Scott.

Bert Vrieling: is the Reverend himself and croons your heart out. He used to play in a lot of bands and is known as the crazy leadsinger of the successful Jumpjazz formation ‘Jump’n Jive’.


Reverend Toney Wheeles Mission - Secret Love     

Reverend Toney Wheeles Mission - Smile     

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